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Who we are:

Save Lake Illawarra Action Group Inc. is made up of residents living around Lake Illawarra, who believe the lake is a major asset to the Illawarra region, often referred to as the "Jewel of the Illawarra"

Who CAN be a member:

All residents that care about the future of Lake Illawarra, business owners, sporting groups etc.

Who can attend meetings:

Save Lake Illawarra Action Group Inc. is meeting every second Monday of the month (except January or if Monday falls on a public holiday) at 7pm in the

Why we formed:

The Lake Illawarra Authority has been the government appointed custodian for Lake Illawarra, since 1984. After 14 years and $52 million the LIA had failed to improve the quality of the lake.

After residents watched the $5 million botched attempts to build a permanent entrance to Lake Illawarra, after band aid solutions to fix recurring problems had also failed or made matters worse, after Lake Illawarra entrance closed every year and the lake smelt rotten.

In 2001, Mr. Barry Hennessy on his own collected 4500 signatures on a petition to "Help The Lake Now". But, the LIA wanted to spend another $2 million on foreshore improvement, leaving the lake to stink and drive tourists and locals away.

Enough was enough, Lake Illawarra had to be saved. This is how Save Lake Illawarra Action Group started in 2001 and "Save Our Lake" is still going strong today.


Save Lake Illawarra Action Group Inc. is officially incorporated as a non-profit organisation since 15 May 2005.



Protect our beautiful lake.

do not throw any thing into the lake

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